3D Modelling with Revit and Autocad

Revit/Autocad 3D Modelling

As an architect, structural, mechanical or services engineer, a point cloud can be a visual reference point for your detailing tasks. Alternatively the point cloud can serve as a starting point for your design. Our modelling from point cloud service allows your organisation to focus on your current workload by outsourcing the task of model creation from the point cloud to  Eliot Sinclair. We won’t stop there; once the design is finished we will check the data to make sure that there are no conflicts.

3D Modelling from point cloud service deliverables

  • A fully registered point cloud (as needed). Registration of a point cloud ensures point clouds acquired from multiple scanner set up stations mesh accurately together.
  • An exported point cloud to a 3D modelling package of the client’s choice suitable for visual inspection against any previous modelled components.
  • Modelling of the point cloud to the extent required by the client in the 3D modelling package of your choice.

A bit of future wisdom

Laser scanning is an ongoing process throughout the life of the construction project, capable of constantly adjusting and updating the virtual model and providing a precise representation of the as-built project. At the end of construction when everything is installed and finished it is this updated model that becomes the as-built record to be utilised by the owner.

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