Application Requirements

Resource consent applications can be simple or complex depending on; what your proposal is, what the environment is like and the location of where you wish to undertake the activity.

Resource consents are considered on a case-by-case basis by the relevant Council, using the District or Regional Plan, as the foundation to guide what activities and development are suitable for the land and the area.

The application will be required to include the following:
  • A lodgement fee
  • The applicant’s name and contact details
  • The land owner’s name and contact details (if different)
  • A description of the activity
  • The location of the activity, including the legal description
  • Type of consent sought
  • Whether there are any other consents required and whether they have been applied for
  • An Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) which corresponds to the scale and significance of the effects from the proposed activity
  • Any information required to be addressed by any plan, national environmental standard or regulation (for example technical reports)
  • Site plan, elevations, cross sections
  • Certificate of Title

Eliot Sinclair’s specialist team provide a one stop shop for your resource consent application requirements.

Our surveying team can prepare comprehensive site plans, elevations, cross sections and images of existing site details, along with confirming legal boundaries.

Our civil engineering team can design subdivision layouts, site utilities, construction management plans, erosion and sediment control reports and can supervise physical construction.

Our geotechnical and environmental engineering team can test your site’s ground conditions and provide recommendations for geotechnical, ground contamination and ecological requirements for site development.

Our planning team can prepare planning investigations to advise at an early stage of a project whether a proposal is feasible on a particular site.  Where resource consents are necessary, our planners will pull together all of the relevant technical information (above) for your project, comprehensively assess the District and Regional Plans, assess the environmental effects of the proposal and prepare the resource consent application on your behalf.

Our landscape architecture team can provide assessments and design recommendations for site development.