Cadastral Surveying

Experiences of a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor - Post Quake

On the morning of 4 September 2010, after experiencing a 7.1 magnitude earthquake and being thankful the family was fine and the house still standing, my thoughts soon turned to the realisation that cadastral surveying in Canterbury would never be the same.

The challenge facing cadastral surveyors in Canterbury requires a new skill set. The identification and understanding of local geological ground conditions and the weighting of each element of boundary definition evidence are now all part of the skills required to carry out cadastral surveys. This, added to the timeframes governed by insurers, the insured and builders, continues to place significant pressure and expectation on the Licenced Cadastral Surveyor.

The future of our profession is bright, as an unprecedented number of recent graduates are now in Christchurch and at the sharp edge of the earthquake recovery.

Darren Hocken

The skills they gain in evidence gathering and the weighting of the evidence in their definition decisions will serve them well in their profession. To view the full article please see the link below.

48x48-pdfArticle: Lateral Thinking Experiences of a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor – Post Quake.
                This article first appeared is  the NZIS publication Survey Quarterly  December 2013: Issue 76