Canterbury Geotechnical Database

As a result of the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence, the ‘Canterbury Geotechnical Database (CGD) was developed. The CGD has enabled sharing of geotechnical data undertaken by various geotechnical firms across Christchurch and wider Canterbury.

As of the 1st of July 2014, 3928 deep borehole logs and 16407 cone penetrometer tests have been uploaded to the CGD. Other test results such shallow Scala penetrometers and test pits have also been uploaded to the database, totaling 30838. Eliot Sinclair contributes to the CGD by uploading the test results from deep testing in which they have project managed. Often, deep testing has already been undertaken near the site of interest, particularly with TC3 sites.

We can use this data as supporting or additional information in our interpretive report and in a lot of cases, reduce the amount of testing required at the site of interest. As a result this reduces the costs to our clients.

Eliot Sinclair recognises that sharing and accessing data from the CGD is a valuable tool to ensure our clients get the best and most cost effective service possible.