Unprecedented Demand for Eliot Sinclair's Services

The Christchurch rebuild has created an unprecedented demand for Eliot Sinclair’s services.

As surveyors, engineers and planners we play an important role in getting Christchurch back on its feet – to rebuild a stronger, sustainable, dynamic and thriving city.

Like many businesses in the region, we were displaced from our central city offices in Kilmore Street after the February 2011 earthquake and had to work out of temporary offices until new premises could be constructed.

It was a tumultuous time, dealing with the huge and sudden increase in demand for our services whilst working in less than ideal circumstances, but we are proud to say we answered the call and provided our Christchurch clients with immediate and much-needed consultancy, surveying and engineering services. In March 2013, we moved into our new purpose built location at Troup Drive in Tower Junction.The new office houses over 100 staff, necessary after the radical growth of the company post-earthquake.

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With a variety of private meeting spaces it allows us to consult easily with clients,  contractors, and also gives us the proficiency of connecting our staff with quality training services, either in house, or using our state of the art IT systems with video conferencing capabilities.

On a professional level, the earthquake sequence and the subsequent recovery process in Christchurch will continue to impact on all aspects of work undertaken by Christchurch based surveyors for the rest of their careers. The framework of survey reference marks – from which all land parcels are defined –  that has been established over the last 160 years of settlement in the city as well as surrounding districts has been wrenched in all directions.

Eliot Sinclair Principal Warren Haynes says Licensed Cadastral Surveyors, charged with the responsibility of ensuring new buildings and infrastructure are sited correctly relative to property boundaries, now have new challenges.

“From one perspective it is awe-inspiring to realise the forces involved that have caused such significant changes in the relationship of survey marks relative to one another. Making decisions regarding the re-establishment of parcel boundaries in such circumstances requires sometimes the judicious gathering and weighting of evidence. No two survey jobs are the same.”

The earthquakes have provided an unequaled opportunity to supply the Christchurch rebuild with our leading engineering advice and design expertise. Our engineering consultants have a wide variety of experience which has been invaluable in providing comprehensive advice to clients whilst also being involved in forensic engineering investigations that have enabled us to develop engineering solutions for reconstruction activities.

Our equipment base has grown with specialised storage and drying rooms. We have increased our capabilities to be leaders in GNSS and laser scanning technologies whilst growing our core survey capabilities.

Chch Rebuilt
Chch Rebuilt
Chch Rebuilt