earthquake recovery

Earthquake Recovery


Eliot Sinclair has a unique ability to rapidly obtain high quality aerial photo plans that have a high degree of survey integrity, and provide detailed topographic information about a site with the use of UAV technologies. What’s more, this survey data can be quickly and safely obtained without needing to send people near highly unstable or inaccessible slope, perfect for earthquake recovery efforts.

    Rotherham Site – Select a scan station to be taken directly to first person view of the UAV/scanner imagery.


    A rapid survey of a site by Eliot Sinclair involves:

    • Establishing survey control points
    • Completing a UAV drone survey that would typically take around 1hr of UAV drone time
    • Downloading data to form a data point cloud and various plans and cross-sections that will be appropriately coordinated in terms of the local geodetic datum (x,y) and the Lyttelton 1937 Vertical Datum or New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (z).

    The processing and provision of plans, a point cloud and digital viewer could typically follow 24-48hours after the initial survey, depending on urgency. Plan prints of ortho-rectified aerial photography are easily produced and provide a useful platform for assessing your sites, recovery/planning and remedial design works.

    Given the survey control that Eliot Sinclair establish on the site we can also quickly add any other geospatial data you may require, such as property boundary information and asset locations.

      Waiau Site – Select a scan station to be taken directly to first person view of the UAV/scanner imagery. 


      Eliot Sinclair’s team of geotechnical and civil engineers and designers are very familiar with the benefits of high quality UAV survey data and how it can be used to improve safety, save time, and improve outcomes, and would also be happy to assist you with any recovery works.

      Following the M7.8 earthquake on 14 November 2016, Eliot Sinclair was engaged by Hurunui District Council to inspect a landslide and rockfall site near Rotherham, and another slop failure near Waiau. Our experience on these sites made it apparent to us that it is going to be incredibly important for Councils, Government agencies, property owners, utility operators and engineers to have access to quality 3D data that can be sourced safely and rapidly for earthquake recovery planning and design.

      Please contact us if you would like assistance with any of your projects.