Enviromental Effects

Environmental Effects

An application for a resource consent includes an Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE). The purpose of the AEE is to identify and assess the actual and potential effects (consequences) of the proposal on the environment which includes social, cultural, economic and aesthetic considerations. When assessing environmental effects all of those effects which are adverse or positive, cumulative, temporary or permanent, potential future effects and their degree of probability and reverse sensitivity effects are to be considered.

The AEE will be tailored to correspond to the scale and significance of the effects that an activity will have on the environment. Where there are potential adverse effects of a proposal, the application must identify how the effects have been avoided, will be remedied or can be mitigated.

Where effects can be mitigated, the mitigation measures are usually required to be implemented and are imposed as conditions of the resource consent if it is approved.

Eliot Sinclair’s planning team can prepare an AEE for your project and prepare your resource consent application on your behalf. We also have a specialist team of geotechnical, environmental, civil and structural engineers as well as landscape designers who can prepare specialist reports and plans to support your application and help mitigate any environmental effects.

To read more about the types of environmental effects and the assessment process please click the link below.