Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines

An important step in the planning of any major project is ensuring an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) is in effect prior to commencement of major earthworks. The erosion and sediment control guideline aims to provide information on how to minimise adverse environmental effects on waterways of surface erosion and the resulting discharge of sediment from earthworks.

Construction of erosion and sediment control measures include run-on and run-off diversion bunds, silt fences, site entry/exit points, stormwater detention ponds, dirty water contour drains, mulching, hydroseeding, track rolling and dust suppression measures.

ESCP challenges

Eliot Sinclair’s largest construction site, Wigram Skies Subdivision, involves the use of many measures due to the long duration of the project, variable weather and challenging site conditions.

On large construction sites a multitude of unforeseen events can happen. A particularly extreme winter storm stressed the importance of updating the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan to suit the site conditions. For example, one of the measures in place in wet conditions is that there will be no movement of equipment off the site in order to prevent sediment being transported off the site by vehicle movements and to keep most of the runoff onsite. A diversion bund needs to be utilized for clean run-on water to avoid or reduce long periods of ponding water in the excavated streambed and to prevent any construction runoff from entering flowing water. A silt fence was constructed along Paparua stream.

Don’t leave a mess

When the earthworks are complete, there are still measures to be put into place to ensure the long term stability of the area. Stabilisation needs to be ensured upon completion (by topsoiling, vegetating or mulching, or compacted metalcourse). Finished surfaces need to be compacted according to engineering standards.

Erosion and sediment control involves input from many disciplines. The diverse background of our engineers allows for the design of the best possible measures to ensure Erosion and Sediment Control Plans will be in line with best practice standards, set out in the Erosion and Sediment Control guideline.