Eliot Sinclair Continually Operating Reference System


ESCORS is the Eliot Sinclair network of continually operating reference stationsGNSS base-stations. During the major Canterbury earthquakes our office building at 151 Kilmore Street was severely damaged and had to be demolished.  Our long-operating ESP1 base was relocated after 15 years of service to enable our operations to continue.  For a short period we relied on our second base station WIG1 at the Wigram aerodrome control tower that experienced no damage.

Network expansion

One of the main lessons learnt as a consequence of the Canterbury earthquake sequence was that multiple GNSS base stations are required not only to provide redundancy in the event of future natural disasters but to also provide improved positioning accuracy.

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Most of Christchurch City is within 5km of an ESCORS station, meaning short baselines for high accuracy and reliable performance. While the ESP1 and WIG1 ESCORS stations were broadcasting corrections over UHF, our new system is dual band cellular and UHF which provides flexibility and improves redundancy. Eliot Sinclair invested considerably in Trimble GNSS equipment and our ESCORS Network now consists of 7 permanent base stations and 2 mobile base stations. Some of these receivers are operated by Land Information New Zealand and GeoSystems Ltd. The increase in available GNSS corrections has improved accuracy for our field crews resulting in better value for our clients. Our Geoid-corrected site calibration ensures high 3D accuracy across the city and across the Canterbury region.

Future enhancements

The recent addition of a base-station in Rolleston will support future development projects in the Selwyn District. Plans for expansion of the Network are underway with a further possible site in Mt Pleasant being investigated. This will further improve our productivity when carrying out GNSS surveys in these areas.

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