The History of Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd

Eliot O SinclairThe history of Eliot Sinclair goes back to 1932, when Eliot Orton Sinclair started the firm ‘Eliot O Sinclair’.

In 1942, Eliot married his wife, Connie, and they had two sons, Marton and Bruce, and a daughter, Bronwyn. Marton went on to complete a Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Canterbury and, later, a Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying degree at the University of Otago. Marton later qualified as a Registered Engineer and a Registered Surveyor. Bruce attended Otago University and completed a Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying and later qualified as a Registered Surveyor. Bruce joined Eliot in the business in 1974 and Marton joined a little later in 1975 after returning from his OE in the UK.

Eliot retired in 1975, after Marton and Bruce took over the business. The company employed approximately ten staff at that time, specialising in surveying whilst beginning to branch into engineering on the back of Marton’s qualifications. Eliot sadly passed away on the 19 April 1984 and in 1985 the growing company was renamed to Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd.

In 1989 Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd moved from Manchester Street to Durham Street. In 1992 the company brand was refreshed with the addition of the Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd logo. The new brand and the companies services were promoted with a brochure like folder. The promotional material included a number of flyers that could be inserted into the folder, depending on the services that were anticipated would be required to complete the project.

In 1995, the company moved from Durham Street to our pre-quake address in Kilmore Street. In 1996, the old family firm of Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd took in new partners to help manage the company into the future: Mark Allan, a Registered Surveyor involved in cadastral surveying and land development, Maurice Perwick, a Registered Surveyor primarily involved in GPS and topographical surveys, and hydrographic surveys and John Brouard, a Registered Engineer specialising in Structural and Civil Engineering.

The company continued to grow as the Directors made a conscious decision to diversify into Resource Management Planning,  Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Landscape Design.

In 2005 the Company was rebranded to Surveyors, Engineers, Planners, under the current logo.  Up until 2009, the company had a very flat management structure with (Director–Shareholders) and Associates. In 2009, a second tier was added to the ownership structure to provide for (Principal-Shareholders).

Today, we are a strong, multi-disciplinary, surveying, engineering and planning consultancy, employing approximately 100 staff.