At Eliot Sinclair we have an innovative approach to land development. We offer a diverse range of services, supported by a wide range of technical expertise and equipment. We have substantial experience in design and project management for urban, rural, commercial and industrial developments of all sizes.

Below you will find information on the land development services we provide. To find out more please contact us.

  • Surveying for BIM

    At Eliot Sinclair we have recognised the importance of having survey project deliverables that meet the needs of the…

  • Master Planning

    Master Planning

    Master planning is the initial process of visual documentation that outlines a vision to guide growth and development at…

  • 3D Design

    3D Design and Visuals

    The powerful nature of 3D design and presentation software has lead it to be a key feature in the…

  • Landscape architecture

    Landscape Assessment

    Landscape and visual assessment is a sub-category of environmental assessment, concerned with…

  • outdoor

    Outdoor Construction

    Eliot Sinclair also caters for smaller scale design of outdoor elements that are to be used in those larger…

  • Planting Plans

    Planting Plans

    A planting plan is a construction document that shows the location, quantity and other characteristics…

  • Plans

    Landscape Architecture

    Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor public areas, landmarks and structures to achieve environmental….

  • Land Development

    Land Development Process

    Land development is the process of taking a piece of land whether it be brown fields (already developed) or…

  • Affected Persons

    Affected Persons & Written Approvals

    An affected person is someone who may be potentially affected (in an adverse way) by the environmental effects of…