Landscape Architect

Landscape and Visual Assessment

Landscape and visual assessment is a sub-category of environmental assessment, concerned with quality assessment of the landscape. Landscape quality is assessed either as part of a strategic planning process or in connection with a specific landscape development which will potentially have an impact on the landscape.

Determining whether a development is appropriate for any particular area or within any landscape is a crucial phase to any planning process. Our landscape architect can provide a detailed landscape or visual assessment for any proposed development, from a private dwelling to larger scale projects such as expert advice on plan changes. We will research the site and its location and specify the appropriateness of the proposed development, stating any potential effects on both the environment or on residents or users that may be affected by the development, if any, and possible mitigation techniques and or other recommendation that may be required to minimize any potential effects.

A comprehensive assessment including site visit and photograph documentation is usually required for the assessment, and this robust approach allows for confidence if or when our landscape architect is summoned to provide evidence as an expert witness in environment court or council hearing- if deemed necessary.