Our Equipment

Eliot Sinclair has been at the forefront of technology for over 30 years. The equipment employed by Eliot Sinclair is state of the art, specialised, survey accurate equipment. All of the survey equipment we use is manufactured by Trimble, a leader in providing survey accurate GPS /GNSS and Robotic Total Stations.

At Eliot Sinclair we have established our own network of GNSS CORS’ that allow us to obtain survey accurate GNSS positions without relying on data obtained from other agencies.

Software packages TBC and 12d Model are used by Eliot Sinclair to process the information obtained in the field and display it for the client in a professional way. TBC is used as an adjustment/calculation package  and 12d a calculation/drafting package. Eliot Sinclair has been recognised as one of the world’s leading users of 12d and have been the winners of the 12d Innovation Awards two years running, also helping a client obtain a 12d Gold Award for innovation. Having customised 12d to our specific requirements, it is a very useful and efficient calculation and drafting package.

With the combination of  state of the art equipment, state of the art survey software and staff with the expertise to get the most out of both, Eliot Sinclair are able to produce an end product of the highest quality.