Outdoor Construction Design

Eliot Sinclair not only caters for large scale indicative masterplans, concept plans, and subdivision design, but also smaller scale design of outdoor elements that are to be used in those larger scale plans.

From concept to construction, outdoor elements are designed and project managed at Eliot Sinclair. Our Landscape Architect alongside our team of drafting technicians can provide accurate plans that are ‘construction ready’ using the latest 2D and 3D modelling CAD software.

Key areas of outdoor construction design are elements such as street furniture, outdoor decking and pergolas, playground design, stepped areas, and other structural objects necessary in any socially successful outdoor environment. The landscape architect designing the product will liaise with the client to produce custom and site-specific designs that can be relied on to function in real life situations. In addition, our partnerships with design and construction companies allow us to find many ‘off-the-shelf’ options to extend the range of products the client can choose from.

Project experience in this area ranges from street furniture design in Christchurch City Mall on Cashel and High Streets, to small scale courtyard design such as the Salisbury Street apartments – shared outdoor BBQ space. At any scale we have you covered.