Resource Consents: Activity Status

Under the Resource Management Act (RMA) you are required to apply for a resource consent if you wish to do something on land that is not permitted by the rules of the relevant District and/or Regional Plan.

Along with the rules that define which activities are allowed without a resource consent, the District and Regional Plans will also classify activities that will require consent to be obtained. Where resource consent is required, the District and Regional Plans will also specify the status of resource consent necessary. The statuses are defined by the RMA and provide a means to assess simple applications through to complex applications. This status range determines the likely type of process Council will take to consider whether or not consent should be granted.

The available ‘Activity Statuses’ are as follows;

  • Permitted Activities
  • Controlled Activities
  • Restricted Discretionary Activities (RDA)
  • Discretionary Activities
  • Non-Complying Activities
  • Prohibited Activities

With the exception of prohibited activities, Eliot Sinclair can help you determine how your proposal fits within the relevant District and Regional Plan requirements, and determine which consents you may need. We can prepare your applications despite what the activity status is and guide you through the process with Council.

Please see the link below for a more detailed description of the activity statuses.