3D Laser Scanning assists BIM (Building Information Modelling) in becoming a highly sought after resource in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) environment. At Eliot Sinclair we have recognised the importance of utilizing modern laser scanning technologies to produce survey project deliverables which meet the needs of our clients and their project teams.

Below you will find information on the 3D Laser Scanning services we provide. To find out more please contact us.

  • art centre scan

    Art Centre Scanning

        What an exciting opportunity to be working alongside Holmes Consulting and Warren & Mahoney in the Arts...

  • earthquake recovery

    Earthquake Recovery

    Eliot Sinclair has a range of survey and engineering services that provide rapid, high quality survey data that will…

  • Surveying for BIM

    At Eliot Sinclair we have recognised the importance of having survey project deliverables that meet the needs of the…

  • revit

    Case Study: Commercial Additions

    The ability to deliver very accurate geospatial information right into the workspace of a design team is a big…

  • as built

    Case Study: As Built Benefits

    Eliot Sinclair can use laser scanning to accurately record the condition and geospatial characteristics of….

  • building damage

    Case Study: Building Deformation

    Eliot Sinclair can use 3D Laser Scanning technology to thoroughly scan buildings to get a more accurate assessment of…

  • arena

    Case Study: Arena – Structural Engineering

    Eliot Sinclair are able to enter into structures and present engineers with survey deliverables directly into their BIM…

  • earthworks

    Case Study: Earthworks Volume

    Topographical data gathered with different technologies by Eliot Sinclair before and after earthworks can be supplemented by…

  • historical

    Historical Refurbishment & Additions

    By using the laser scanner, and then exporting the captured data into BIM software, the architect or engineer is…

  • models

    BIM – Virtual Site Constraints

    Eliot Sinclair can scan your site into a virtual world, and complete a virtual analysis of the proposed construction…

  • BIM

    Case Study: Te Hāpua Halswell Centre BIM

    Eliot Sinclair were engaged by the main contractor to utilise BIM technology to facilitate the efficient digital workflow of…

  • 3D Modeling

    3D Modelling

    Laser scanning is an ongoing process throughout the life of the construction project…..