General Office
  • Master Planning

    Master Planning

    Master planning is the initial process of visual documentation that outlines a vision to guide growth and development at…

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  • 3D Design

    3D Design and Visuals

    The powerful nature of 3D design and presentation software has lead it to be a key feature in the…

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  • Landscape architecture

    Landscape Assessment

    Landscape and visual assessment is a sub-category of environmental assessment, concerned with…

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  • outdoor

    Outdoor Construction

    Eliot Sinclair also caters for smaller scale design of outdoor elements that are to be used in those larger…

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  • Planting Plans

    Planting Plans

    A planting plan is a construction document that shows the location, quantity and other characteristics…

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  • Plans

    Landscape Architecture

    Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor public areas, landmarks and structures to achieve environmental….

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  • land development

    Land Development

    At Eliot Sinclair we have an innovative approach to land development. We offer a diverse range of services, supported…

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  • Cadastral Surveying

    Cadastral Surveying

    We offer a range of cadastral surveying services including land transfer, subdivisions, legalisation, pegging certificates….

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  • land surveying

    Land Surveying

    Our land survey services include; topographical surveys, site and farm plans, set-out, comprehensive 3D…

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  • remote surveying

    Remote Surveying

    We provide remote survey services and our experienced staff at Eliot Sinclair are able to perform 3D…

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  • Monitoring Services

    Specialist Surveying

    We provide a range of specialist services from monitoring, to gathering highly accurate GNSS and…

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  • Earthquake Repairs

    Earthquake Repairs

    Structural inspections involve a desktop study of all relevant information for the property including…..

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