Project Development


Our surveying practices include; land development, subdivision design, farm and rural surveys, building location certificates, site surveys, site plans, GPS surveys, project management, as-built surveys, construction set out, monitoring and deformation surveys, utility mapping, quality control surveys, and hydrographic surveys.

 Below you will find information on some of the survey services we provide. To find out more please contact us.

  • Cadastral Surveying

    Cadastral Surveying

    We offer a range of cadastral surveying services including land transfer, subdivisions, legalisation, pegging certificates….

  • land surveying

    Land Surveying

    Our land survey services include; topographical surveys, site and farm plans, set-out, comprehensive 3D…

  • remote surveying

    Remote Surveying

    We provide remote survey services and our experienced staff at Eliot Sinclair are able to perform 3D…

  • Monitoring Services

    Specialist Surveying

    We provide a range of specialist services from monitoring, to gathering highly accurate GNSS and…

  • Survey

    Survey at Eliot Sinclair

    Experienced staff, combined with state of the art technology ensure that Eliot Sinclair provide…..

  • Cadastral Surveying

    What is Cadastral Surveying

    Cadastral Surveying is the discipline of land surveying that relates to the laws of land ownership…….

  • Hydrographic

    Hydrographic Surveying

    Hydrographic Surveying at Eliot Sinclair is also available with experienced staff and high…..

  • Gold Award

    Survey & Construction Award

    Engineers need to make critical decisions based on the information provided by survey…..

  • equipment

    Our Equipment

    Eliot Sinclair is the most technologically advanced survey firm in New Zealand and has been at…..

  • 3D Modeling

    3D Modelling

    Laser scanning is an ongoing process throughout the life of the construction project…..

  • 3D Laser Scanning

    In today’s world of renovation, construction, as-built and retrofit projects, 3D laser scanning….

  • detailed design

    Detailed Design

    Eliot Sinclair took the opportunity to undertake a detailed 3D laser scan of the Triumphal arch…..