Project Development


Our surveying practices include; land development, subdivision design, farm and rural surveys, building location certificates, site surveys, site plans, GPS surveys, project management, as-built surveys, construction set out, monitoring and deformation surveys, utility mapping, quality control surveys, and hydrographic surveys.

 Below you will find information on some of the survey services we provide. To find out more please contact us.

  • control survey

    Control Survey Post Earthquake

    This article focuses on Eliot Sinclair’s adaption to post-quake surveying in Canterbury….

  • Monitoring Services

    Monitoring Services

    Typically a monitoring system measures displacement or movement of objects relative to …..


    ESCORS Network

    ESCORS is the Eliot Sinclair network of continually operating GNSS base-stations……

  • Land Development

    Land Development Process

    Land development is the process of taking a piece of land whether it be brown fields (already developed) or…

  • Large GNSS

    Large Scale GNSS Survey

    Eliot Sinclair were engaged to carry out a large scale GNSS survey for the purpose of verifying a benchmark…

  • Lake Roxburg

    Profiling Lake Roxburgh

    Lake Roxburgh is situated in the southern lakes area of the Southern Island and is used primarily for hydroelectric…

  • Cadastral Survey Post

    Cadastral Surveying – Post Quake

    “My thoughts soon came to the realisation that cadastral surveying in Canterbury would never be the …”

  • Retaining Walls

    Retaining Walls

    Field techniques were adopted to survey every overhang individually and represent the retaining wall in full detail.

  • GIS Systems

    GIS Systems

    GIS can reduce costs because it efficiently manages a diverse range of information, including cadastral mapping, land-use…