Simon Ironside (Associate)

Registered Professional Surveyor, Licensed Cadastral Surveyor
Certified Professional (Hydrographic Surveying Level 1), BSurv, MNZIS, MISSI (H1)

Simon Ironside started with Eliot Sinclair in 2001. He has broad surveying experience that covers cadastral surveys, engineering project work and hydrographic surveying. Simon specialises in land development projects, cadastral surveying, topographical surveying, resource consents, contract administration and project management and manages a wide variety of surveying projects with a specific responsibility for assisting clients with building related survey work.

Simon has been an advocate for the surveying profession in New Zealand and Australia for a number of years and has held positions on the local executive and National Council of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors and the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Board.

Simon enjoys the outdoors particularly tramping and pottering around in the garden. He also enjoys music, reading and relaxing with friends and family.


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