Survey at Eliot Sinclair

With a number of Licensed Cadastral Surveyors, Registered Professional Surveyors and support staff – comprising of graduates and technicians – Eliot Sinclair is one of the largest surveying companies in New Zealand.

We are able to carry out many of the different disciplines of survey including:

  • Cadastral Surveys / Boundary Definition  –  relates to the laws of land ownership and the definition of property boundaries
  • Topographical  –  a graphical representation of the surface of a particular parcel of land and any man-made structures and elevation changes.
  • As-built  –  validates that the construction work originally approved in the planning process has been completed according to the same specifications.
  • Levelling  –  determines the elevation of a point or the difference in elevation between points.
  • Control  –  consists of investigation, measurements, calculations and reports specifying the horizontal and vertical reference systems established for the survey
  • Deformation  –  involves measurement and monitoring for any variation in the shape or position of a structure as a result of stresses induced by applied loads.
  • Hydrographic  –  allows measurement and detail of features which affect maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging, offshore oil exploration/drilling and associated activities.
  • 3D Laser Scanning  –  involves utilising the latest technology to collect dense three dimensional data to model a structure, object or natural feature.

Experienced staff, combined with state of the art technology ensures that Eliot Sinclair provide a level of service and a product that is second to none.

Our surveyors have the following qualifications:

RPSurv  – Registered Professional Surveyor.  By appointing a Registered Professional Surveyor, you can ensure your project is being carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced individual who will undertake the work with integrity and a high degree of professionalism and ethical behavior.

LCS  –  Licensed Cadastral Surveyors. Licensed Cadastral Surveyors have completed a university degree in surveying (B.Surv or an equivalent overseas degree), and passed the Professional Examinations to demonstrate a sound knowledge across the surveying spectrum. This includes proving competence in: cadastral surveying, control and topographical surveying, land development and resource management.

NZCLS/NDS  –   New Zealand Certificate in Land Surveying/National Diploma in Surveying. This qualification is recognised and supported by the NZ Institute of Surveyors (NZIS) and offers a broad education in surveying, providing graduates with strong skills in both measurement and resource management, with an emphasis on practical assignments. Graduates go on to become Survey Technicians with a variety of career options available to them.

For many projects surveying is only one of the tasks necessary to achieve the final product. Being a multidisciplinary company with staffing around 100 means expertise in surveying, planning, civil engineering, structural engineering, environmental science, building information management (BIM), landscape architecture and hydrographic survey is close at hand making any project easy to achieve in a seamless manner.