Surveying for BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming a highly sought after resource in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) environment.

At Eliot Sinclair we have recognised the importance of having survey project deliverables that meet the needs of the client and their project team, and that this geospatial data is acquired, processed and delivered in a software format that optimises the tasks of the rest of the project team. This means we deliver data in an pre-agreed format tailored to other consultants templates in Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD etc.

From project outset, which may require a topographical survey, we just ask a few extra questions to ensure that the geospatial data to be supplied by Eliot Sinclair meets the needs of the project team. The potential use and benefits of laser scanning technology will be assessed as part of any topographical survey.

The benefits of BIM to a project can be readily achieved if the AEC consultants are continuously working and collaborating in the same geospatial framework which can be set up by the surveyor at the outset. This leads to better design decisions earlier in the process therefore eliminating the potential for unnecessary costs during the design and construction phases.

The advantages of BIM can also be readily demonstrated if the tasks of topographical survey, setting out, as-builts during and after construction and pre-fit out are coordinated by the surveyor utilising and maintaining a single geospatial database and library archive. This process starts with the initial site topographical survey and eventually concludes with the hand over to the client of geospatial information for ongoing Asset Management and Facilities Management.


Phone2image004For more information on our BIM services, please contact us our Laser Scanning Specialist, Andrew Sinclair