land development process

The Land Development Process

Land development is the process of taking a piece of land whether it be brown fields (already developed) or green fields (never developed) and changing its use.

At Eliot Sinclair we work with the client from the very beginning, from pre-purchase until the title is issued.

The process involves first identifying what the constraints are: these can be soil types, contamination, peat, aspect, topography, water courses, servicing and infrastructure. After constraints have been identified the subdivision is designed, focusing on orientation of lots to make sure they have access, sun, views, then designing the subdivision to comply with council rules which control minimum, maximum and average areas, and maximum density.

Once layout is approved, engineering is designed to support the layout, consents are applied for, work is tendered, contracts are managed, payments are certified and completion certificates issued.

The final process in the loop is to do cadastral survey for issue of titles and to ensure all the council’s conditions of subdivision are satisfied to facilitate their approvals.

“We know that, ultimately, what the client needs is the title,” Eliot Sinclair director Mark Allan says.

“The survey, and to some extent the engineering is only a step in the process to achieving that, so we stay involved throughout the whole process – and work closely with the solicitor from the beginning – until the client has a title they can sell.”

Why choose Eliot Sinclair?

Land Development We have project managed, planned, designed, and constructed a significant number of large land development projects for a wide range of clients throughout the South Island.

Our land development projects are completed to an extremely high standard within the specified time frame and budget set for the project. We do a professional job. We approach all our work with the highest of integrity and highest level of professionalism we can muster. We’ve been on the bleeding edge of technology since the 1980s with GPS and electronic satellites and creating software packages.

“By investing heavily in technology we can give more detail and have more accurate topographical surveys which facilitate better engineering design,” Eliot Sinclair director Mark Allan says.

We offer a total management service including:

  • Estimates of development costs
  • District plan applications and resource consents
  • Tendering of contract works
  • Preparation of environmental impact reports
  • Topographical surveys
  • Subdivision application and consent plans
  • Cadastral surveying for title purposes
  • Contract administration
  • Engineering design for roading, drainage and common services
  • Environmental Management

If you would like reliable and accurate information regarding the land development process and wish to speak to one of our experts please contact us today.