Eliot Sinclair

Water Supply

Eliot Sinclair have carried out the design of the reticulated water supply network for several large subdivisions in Christchurch, with lots numbering in the hundreds and construction taking place over several stages.

Our staff work closely with the City Council in completing the design and have a good knowledge of their Infrastructure Design Standard (IDS). The IDS is the document that sets out the City Council’s requirements for the design of water supply networks for both domestic and commercial applications.

With regard to firefighting, the engineers at Eliot Sinclair have a good working knowledge of the requirements of the New Zealand Fire Service Firefighting Water Supplies Code of Practice (SNZ PAS 4509:2008). Combining our knowledge of both documents, Eliot Sinclair is able to compile a complying layout with the minimum amount of infrastructure, ensuring our clients a cost effective design.

Computer modelling carried out by Eliot Sinclair staff is used to ensure the system meets the required supply pressures and flows and also to further optimise the design of the network. On completion of the layout design and modelling a report and plans are prepared for submission to Council for approval.

Eliot Sinclair would be pleased to assist you in gaining water supply approval for your next subdivision.

48x48-pdf Bulletin 141020: Water Supply, written by Ed Shaw Phone2image004