Cadastral Surveying

Cadastral Surveying

Cadastral surveying is the discipline of land surveying relating to the laws of land ownership and the definition of property boundaries. It involves interpreting and advising on boundary locations, on the status of land ownership and on the rights, restrictions and interests in property. Such information is recorded for use on plans, maps and other legal documents. It also involves the physical delineation of property boundaries and determination of dimensions, area, and certain rights associated with properties, whether they are on land, water or defined by natural or artificial features.

Cadastral surveys are generally performed to subdivide land into parcels for ownership under a land title and to re-establish boundaries of previously surveyed properties in order to determine the physical extent of ownership or to facilitate the transfer of the property title.

A surveyor that is registered as a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor under the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 is the only person authorised to perform cadastral surveys in New Zealand.

Subcategories of Cadastral Surveying:

  • Subdivision – Cross lease, Unit Title, Fee Simple, Change in Tenure
  • Boundary Definition
  • Boundary Redefinition- pegging certification, location of boundaries pre-building
  • Title searching
  • Easement Plans and Easement Registration
  • Covenant Plans and Covenant Registration

Eliot Sinclair currently have a number of Licensed Cadastral Surveyors who are qualified to undertake cadastral Surveys and give guidance to our capable graduates and technicians.

Since the Christchurch earthquake sequence there have been many challenges for cadastral surveyors in Canterbury and the development of new skill sets were needed in order to overcome this. The identification and understanding of local geological ground conditions and the weighting of each element of boundary definition evidence are now all part of the skills required to carry out cadastral surveys.

You can read more about the effects of the earthquake sequence on cadastral surveys and  how the survey team at Eliot Sinclair responded to this in Darren Hocken’s article – Lateral Thinking, Experiences of a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor – Post Quake

Why should you choose Eliot Sinclair?

Experienced staff, combined with the very latest technology ensure that we can provide the best level of service targeted to your specific requirements. Eliot Sinclair invest in state of the art software and equipment, such as the latest GNSS, Total Stations and CORS technology, ensuring our staff are delivering quality information in an efficient manner, reducing time constraints and costs to our clients. For many projects cadastral surveying is only one of the required stages.  Eliot Sinclair has staff with expertise in all forms of survey as well as civil and structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, resource management planning,  environmental science and architectural draughting which makes a development project a seamless task.

Whether it be a new certificate of title for your section, topographical site plan of your property or any other survey requirement, Eliot Sinclair will use a combination of the latest technology, our knowledge and experience to deliver your desired result on time and at a reasonable cost.